Friday, December 26, 2008

Platinum Lounge is the best.

Platinum Lounge: Chat with friends > Earn points > Get rank > Get loaded on your paypal twice a month. Lots of bonuses.

Daily contests.

How much can you earn with each rank:
Lounge Icon -- Top Level --- $10.00 -- MVP Thursdays
Lounge MVP -- 2nd Level --- $7.00 -- MVP Thursdays
Lounge All Star -- 3rd Level --- $4.00 -- MVP Thurdays
Lounge Pro Bowler -- 4th Level -- $3.00 -- Money Mondays
Lounge Starter -- 5th Level -- $2.00 -- Money Mondays
Lounge Varsity -- 6th Level -- $0
Lounge Honor Roll -- 7th Level -- $0
Lounge Rookie -- 8th Level -- $0
Lounge Waterboy -- 9th Level -- $0
Lounge Newbie -- 10th Level -- $0

Contests: $5, $10, $15, $20, $30, $50, $100 PRIZES!!!

Note: Platinum Lounge pays twice a month. So for example if your rank is lounge icon then you will earn $7x2 = $14 per


PL is a place where you can spend your whole day. As an online earner or as a person who seeks fun. This place is for both

types of people. Some cool sections of PL:

> My contest: Here you can create your own contests. It is up to you what you create. The only recommendation is you have

to be fair. If no one wins your started contest then the reward points will be given to you.

> Lounge Lotto: Every weekdays there is a daily lotto. One winner is selected randomly. And if you are lucky then you can ask

for cash reward or millions of points. It is true. They give millions of

> Lounge Vegas: Bid your points. It is like gambling. But no money is involved here. You have to bid your points. If you win

then again you can choose cash or millions of points.

> Main Event: Challenge other members of the lounge. And members of PL will vote on the challenge. The winner will be

rewarded with points.

So you can see earning points there is not difficult. It is simply a fun place. If you miss this place then you will miss a great

thing. I strongly encourage you to join the lounge.

So what are you waiting for?Click the site link below:

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